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Eastern Idaho

By Julie Peterson

Various location in Eastern Idaho. Photography and Edits done by Julie Peterson. Images owned by JP Photography.

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_6768 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_6782 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_6783 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_6787 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_7076 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_7082 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_7083 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_7107 as Smart Object-1   JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_7120 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_7140 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_7159 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_7179 as Smart Object-1 JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_7188 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_7197 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_7272 as Smart Object-1 JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_7275 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_7278 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_7281 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-largegroup-Portraits-Rexburg-Southeast-Idaho_7283 as Smart Object-1

JuliePeterson-portraits-VirginaCity-Fashion_4708 as Smart Object-1


  1. 1-17-2013

    I love this post! The silhouettes at Egin Lakes and the weeds and landscapes are all great reminders of our fun times in Comm 316. Beautiful photos :)

  2. 1-22-2013

    Loved seeing these beauties. They are breathtaking. Especially that silhouette of a babe.. who is that? Haha but seriously, your shots are gorgeous. I love seeing your unique angles and cool ideas. You inspire me. One of my favs is the sunset shot by that old barn we went to in Island Park. Such fun trips. Can’t wait to go again! Thanks for sharing!

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