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This was such a fun project.  I first got the idea when I was in Las Vegas for Photoshop world.  I saw the beautiful Tiffany & Co. and new that was going to be the backdrop to my poster.  The photo was not easy to get as you can tell it was dark.  I lowered my shutter speed and propped my camera on a near by newspaper bin because I did not have my tripod. I am so glad it was late at night because the stairway is the coolest part of this image.  The other image I took in my house with my own homemade studio.  It is a self portrait.  I then cut myself out of the background using the Direct Select and the Refine Edge tool.  I touched myself up and sharpened the image a little more then I brought that and my Tiffany photo together.  I did some more cleaning up and then put in my text.  I am so excited with how this turned out and absolutely had fun creating it.