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Jaime and Dustin Announcement

Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Blog, Photoshop | 5 comments

Announcement By Julie Peterson I was asked to do Jaime and Dustin’s announcement.  This was a very good learning experience for me, because at first they asked me to just design it.  I did but it was not what they were looking for.  So I worked with them directly to see what kind of design they were wanting and how they wanted it to appear.  After we communicated and talked about what they were looking for this is the design I came up with.  It was fun, because they made me leave my comfort zone and break the rules of design a little.  I was also able to teach them about why...

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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Animation, Blog, Photoshop | 0 comments

Cinemagraphs by Julie Peterson I have always wanted to try to create a Cinemagraph.  I was able to create 3, but 2 out of the 3 were too big for my blog.  I loved doing this though.  How I created this image was first I selected a subject.  This was the most time consuming part of creating my cinemagraph.   I did it twice I learned from the first time that I need less movement. Once I captured my video I brought it into Photoshop and resized the image.  I then opened the animation too.  I selected my loop.  Then I found a frame that I wanted to use for the still area of the...

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Bobble Head Caricature

Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Animation, Blog | 0 comments

Bobble Head by Julie Peterson This was absolutely fun.   It is something I have never done before.  I created my own bobble head.  It is animated portrait of myself. I first took the image and then brought in Photoshop.  I then added some filters to the image to make it look a little more cartoon like.  I used the Diffuse filter under Stylize.  Then I cut out my head with the Direct Select Tool and the body, they are both on separate.  The body I made smaller.  Then I titled the head and copied the head layer and then titled it opposite side.  Then I pulled up the Animation tool. ...

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Movie Poster

Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in Blog, Composite, Photoshop | Comments Off

This was such a fun project.  I first got the idea when I was in Las Vegas for Photoshop world.  I saw the beautiful Tiffany & Co. and new that was going to be the backdrop to my poster.  The photo was not easy to get as you can tell it was dark.  I lowered my shutter speed and propped my camera on a near by newspaper bin because I did not have my tripod. I am so glad it was late at night because the stairway is the coolest part of this image.  The other image I took in my house with my own homemade studio.  It is a self portrait.  I then cut myself out of the background using the...

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Posted by on Nov 3, 2011 in Blog, Hauser, ID, Panoramic Blend, Photoshop, Places | 1 comment

Panorama of my Home Wet Land   Hauser Lake ...

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Fine Art Template

Posted by on Jun 13, 2011 in Blog, Borders, Photoshop | 0 comments

To create the Fine Art Template, I first created a rectangle and then I used the free transform option to copy the rectangle and reposition it to were I wanted it. I then held Shift-Option-Cmd-T to duplicate the rectangle 3 more times. I then used the Align Horizontal Center icon to align the rectangles in the middle of the document. I pulled my logo into Photoshop I lightened it with the blending tool option and I then turned my logo into a brush stroke. I then pulled up the images I wanted into Photoshop and cropped it to 18×12 in @150 ppi and used the levels adjustment layer to...

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