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Jaime and Dustin Announcement |

Jaime and Dustin Announcement

Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Blog, Photoshop | 5 comments


By Julie Peterson

I was asked to do Jaime and Dustin’s announcement.  This was a very good learning experience for me, because at first they asked me to just design it.  I did but it was not what they were looking for.  So I worked with them directly to see what kind of design they were wanting and how they wanted it to appear.  After we communicated and talked about what they were looking for this is the design I came up with.  It was fun, because they made me leave my comfort zone and break the rules of design a little.  I was also able to teach them about why certain rules of design should not be broken.  Photography and Edits done by Julie Peterson. Images owned by JP Photography.



  1. 11-28-2012

    Awesome job with the announcements. I have done a few and it is hard to design something that is cute and unique. I love the capitol “E” it really adds something to make it special. Great work!

  2. 11-28-2012

    Announcements can definitely be tricky! You pulled these off, they look very good! :) I like the length of the invites, i think that was a neat idea.

  3. 11-28-2012

    Julie! Great job on the announcement! Is your sister happy with the way they turned out?? I bet she loves them! Keep up the great work! You rock!

  4. 11-28-2012

    Nice work on the announcement! I really like the front and how the length of the card works with the photo! Nice job.

  5. 11-28-2012

    Great Job on these Julie! They rock, when ever I get married (If I get married haha) I’ll come to you. I love the cover. so clever

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